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Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to Take Relief from an Unmovable Object

I haven't done a lot of posts about the Rules of Golf so I'm going to try and do better. Today I have a video from Michael Breed on how to take relief from an unmovable object -- in this case, a plaque in the middle of the fairway. (Could have been a sprinkler head as well.)

This one's a fairly simple matter. Just:
  1. determine your nearest point of relief no closer to the hole,
  2. measure one club length from that point -- again, no closer to the hole -- and
  3. drop within that club length NO CLOSER TO THE HOLE. Voila! The ball is in play.
Note Michael's demonstration of the difference between a rightie and a leftie taking relief. The key is that the ball has to remain as close to its original position as possible when taking relief. In this case, that means the leftie takes relief on the opposite side of the plaque than the rightie.

I'll try to post more rules videos -- especially on taking relief, since those tend to be the most confusing problems -- as we go along.

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