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Sunday, December 7, 2014

If You Think Your Golf Swing Looks a Bit Weird...

I know a lot of you think your swing should look a certain way. You want to look like Tiger or Adam or Rory or [ fill in the blank ], and it bothers you that you don't.

Perhaps today's post will get you to relax.

If the name Ted Ray sounds vaguely familiar to you, it may be from seeing the movie The Greatest Game Ever Played with Shia LaBeouf. LaBeouf played Frances Ouimet in that movie, which was about the 1913 US Open battle between the American amateur Ouimet and British professionals Harry Vardon and Ted Ray. We remember Vardon for winning one US Open and six Open Championships (he still holds the record with six), but Ray also won two majors -- one US Open (1920) and one Open Championship (1912).

BTW, Ray won that US Open at age 43, which gave him the record for being the oldest U.S. Open champion -- a record he held for 66 years until Raymond Floyd won in 1986. 

Ray had a reputation for being a bit wild with his shots. I found this video showing his "technique." Take a look...

Take a look at all the movement in his swing! I'm sure the hickory shafts Ray used contributed to his wildness, but that swing would be wild even with stiff shafts.

Next time you feel bad about your swing, take a look at this video and remember: Ted Ray won two majors with this swing. You don't need a perfect swing to play good golf.

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