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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rory's "High Altitude" Training Regimen

Today I'm linking to an article at about an unusual training technique that Rory's been using. It's called hypoxia training or altitude training and -- surprise! -- it's intended to duplicate the effect of training at very high altitudes. Athletes have trained at mountaintop sports centers for decades, believing that the thinner air (and therefore reduced oxygen) will make their bodies more efficient... and thus able to perform better at sea level where there's plenty of oxygen.

Rory is one of those who is using a mask to duplicate the effect without having to go to the mountains. You can see it in this photo from the article.

Rory with training mask

This isn't something you'd want to try without a doctor's supervision -- there are definitely dangers associated with this kind of training, especially if you have certain health problems (some of them are listed in the article). But Dr. Ara Suppiah -- yes, you've seen him on GC -- says that the interval training Rory does can help most golfers because it duplicates the brief explosive power of a golf swing, even if you don't use a mask.

Why am I telling you about this?

With the New Year just a few days away, many of you will be making resolutions that affect your training methods. I just want you to be aware that there are many different types of training programs available to you, some of which you may have never even heard of. Some may seem pretty bizarre -- like hypoxia training -- but many are simple and may even be things you'll enjoy.

Take a little time to explore your options. There's no reason to choose an exercise program that makes you miserable.

And no, I don't expect to try hypoxia training any time soon.

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