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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Quezada Hustle

Get ready for a shocker, Big Break fans. Anthony Quezada, the jerk everybody wanted to see knocked off the show, isn't a jerk after all.

Anthony QuezadaI remember -- I think it was after the third show -- thinking that Quezada was a genius. Was he really a jerk or was he just putting it on? I didn't know, but I remember thinking to myself, "Man, is this guy running a hustle on the other players or what?"

By acting like such a jerk, he made the other players want to bump him off. However, early on, the weaker players were the ones most likely to end up in the eliminations. These were the players who decided to call Quezada out, not realizing that they were playing right into his hands.

Folks, you can't run a golf hustle unless you've got the game to back it up. If Quezada really was a jerk, he was used to playing with a target on his back. Ironically, several of the players actually said that he was putting a target on his back, but didn't realize that meant he was used to playing under pressure. They were already under more pressure than they were used to... and then they chose to play against someone who was used to it. Not smart!

Of course, Quezada won the first couple of eliminations. And after that, NO ONE wanted to play him, choosing instead to pick easier targets.

Like I said, it was pure genius. Quezada's strategy allowed him to avoid most of the challenges from then on, and he took out the one or two players who still dared to take him on later in the series when the pressure was worse.

Wednesday morning he was invited to Morning Drive, where he talked briefly about his decision to "play this one differently." A couple of things to note from this clip: He had no problem at all teeing it up in front of Annika Sorenstam, and he told Annika that a young Anthony was in the crowd watching Annika the day she shot 59.

On the outside chance you didn't see Anthony's elimination on Big Break, he was in charge of his match and about to make the finals when he hit the snap hook he mentions after his first shot in the video. He got a great lie in the neighboring fairway but was left with a blind shot that required a layup. He picked a bad line and put it a water hazard. The bogey cost him a spot in the finals.

But I suspect you'll be seeing him on one of the tours soon. Anthony Quezada has game, he's not a jerk, and now we know he's got a mind for strategy. I sure wouldn't bet against him!

The photo came from the Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday's Big Break page. You might want to check out his bio there -- there's more to Anthony than you might expect.

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