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Thursday, January 8, 2015

About Those New Odyssey Works Putters

Golfweek has an article about the new Odyssey Works putters at their website. They'll be available at the end of the month, so I thought I'd take a look at what all the fuss is about.

One of the new Odyssey putters

Although the Golfweek article shows only one of the putters -- technically, it's the "Odyssey Works Tank Versa 2-Ball Fang Putter" -- there are actually 11 new models in the Works line. And it's a good example of what Golfweek says distinguishes the new line:
The goal of the new Odyssey Works line of putters is both simple and ambitious: Create a family of putters that combine as many of the company’s key technologies as possible.
Let's sum up the variety of tech Odyssey is combining in these new putters.

There's the Versa tech, which is the black-and-white high contrast design -- they call it "Visionary High Contrast Alignment" -- that's supposed to help you square the face better at impact by making the face angle more obvious.

Some have the Tank tech, which is a heavy head / counterbalanced grip combination. As I've written about before, counterbalancing is being used by many players as an alternative to long putters.

Then there's the Fang tech, which appears to be the perimeter weighting (the rounded wings) you can see on the putter pictured above.

You know what the Two-Ball tech is. You can see the two ball-sized circles that help you aim the ball straight at the hole. (Obviously, the actual golf ball gives you a "straight line" of three balls.)

Finally, there's the Fusion RX insert. Basically they took the Metal X insert, which has what you might call a wire mesh bound to a thin piece of urethane backing, and they took the thicker soft White Hot insert... and surprise, they combined them. Essentially, the Fusion RX insert is a Metal X wire mesh bound to the thicker White Hot urethane insert.

The different Odyssey Works models each have a different combination of those technologies. The putter shown above has all of them, while others may only have a couple. (The common tech is the Fusion RX insert with the Versa colors.)

They're supposed to start shipping on January 30 but you can see all of them here at the Odyssey website's Odyssey Works page. Be prepared to spend a couple hundred bucks if you want one.

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