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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hank Haney Tries Again

A few months back I wrote a post about the commercial for Hank Haney's Blueprint DVDs called A Misleading TV Ad. My problem wasn't with Haney or what he teaches -- as I said in that post, he's an excellent teacher -- but I objected to what I saw as a misleading TV ad. As I put it in that post:
Okay, here's the deal. No doubt you've seen the TV ads for the new Hank Haney Blueprint DVDs at The commercial tells you that if you go to that website you'll find a video that will tell you how you can cut 3, 6 or even 10 strokes off your game and furthermore add 4mph to your swing speed. You are led to believe that you will watch a video that tells you how to do this.

Technically, that's true. The video tells you to buy the DVDs. Wow, what a revelation.
And then I listed some some things that bugged me about the video itself. You can go back and read those things if you wish.

Since that time Haney has been advertising another website called that he says gives you an actual free 30-minute training video with a complete lesson -- which is what you were led to believe you'd get at the original website. So, out of fairness, I thought I'd pop over and see if they had addressed what I saw as misleading advertising. And again I have to say...

Technically I guess they have... but I'm not sure. You be the judge.

When you type in the website address you are taken to a slightly different url that asks for your email address. In large type across the top it says:
"Enter your email address to receive 10 detailed golf lessons from Hank Haney, including access to a 28-minute long swing makeover where an amateur golfer added 70+ yards to his average drive after just one lesson."
You'll see the proof, plus get practical lessons to cure your slice, add real distance off the tee, and much more to make YOU a better golfer as quickly as your next round. For FREE.
Then you are asked for your primary email address in order to watch "the next video from Hank." (Yes, it specifically asks for your PRIMARY email address. Apparently just any address won't do.)

I have mixed emotions about this new site.

When I saw the new commercial, I assumed that you went to a site where you would watch a free video. I understand that they want your email address so they can send follow-up emails to try and convince you to buy the DVDs. (That's common business practice on many sites these days, as most of you have probably learned.)

But while the site says this is all free and doesn't require a credit card, the fact remains that this doesn't sound like the same deal that was advertised on TV. In the commercial you were offered access to the 28-minute makeover video mentioned above... but doesn't this site say you're signing up "to receive 10 detailed golf lessons from Hank Haney" in addition to the 28-minute video?

I checked the links at the bottom of the page (the terms of service and terms of use) and found no clear explanation of exactly what I would get if I entered my email address. Am I really getting 10 golf lessons plus the 28-minute video, all for FREE? The little blurb under the photo in the lower left of the page certainly seems to say so.

If that's the case, then why didn't Hank say you would get 10 free golf lessons plus the makeover video in his TV commercial for the site? Wouldn't that be more likely to draw more takers?

That's never really explained. As a result, it bothers me.

So I guess I'm still not convinced. This is nothing against Haney or what he teaches -- again I repeat, Haney is an excellent teacher and I'm sure the material is top notch -- but I really don't like the way this is being presented to the public. Come on, Hank, you're better than this!

BTW Hank, when you send me to a web address for free stuff that includes the words "ambush_opt" as part of the url, that's a real red light for me. Just a little head's-up there.


  1. He'll be on Wed's Lesson Tee Live two weeks after her mentor

  2. Had same experience and gave up disappointed.

  3. Hank Haney is the biggest teaching flop in golf, in my opinion. ..didn't help Tiger, Charles Barkley. .Money Grubber

  4. free advice is usually worth what you pay for it.