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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Me and My Shadow Coach

This tip from Cheryl Anderson, a Golf Digest 50 Best Women Teachers who works with Mike Bender, was so simple and so cool that I had to pass it on.

How about using your shadow instead of a video camera to give you instant feedback on the range? Check out these 3 checkpoints she mentions in the article that I linked to above:

3 shadow checkpoints

Here's the super-simple version of her instructions:
  1. Get the sun behind you and place 3 balls on the ground -- one on each side of your hips and one in the center of your neck. This is your setup position.
  2. Then swing to the top of your backswing and make sure your shadow 's hips and neck are still in the same place.
  3. Finally, go to impact and make sure that the "neck ball" is still in place but your lead hip has moved forward enough to cover the "lead hip ball" closest to the target.
Now notice that these aren't big movements, nor are they rigid. As you see in the photo, the neck shadow can move a bit -- just don't let the sun hit the ball. And you aren't moving a huge amount to cover that lead hip ball -- you just want to move enough to get that forward weight shift.

Also note (when you read the article) that Cheryl's big no-no is covering the trailing hip ball.That means you're moving too far behind the ball -- the one you're trying to hit, that is! -- which can lead to mis-hits.

It's a very simple and free way to check yourself. Hard to find a coach that cheap!