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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Playing Out of a Divot

If you listen to the TV analysts enough, you're probably convinced that playing from a divot is soooooo hard. Well, it really isn't... and here's Aussie teaching pro Lorien Scott to tell you just how simple it really is.

Got that? You just move the ball back in your stance a bit and swing down more steeply. You'll take a bigger divot as a result.

Rough translation: You have to dig for it.

I think the most important thing to remember is WHY you have to do it this way. Because the ball is basically down in a hole, the bottom of the ball is lower than it is on a normal shot. That's the reason you have to go down more steeply -- you're digging it out.

And if you remember that, you'll realize that the same technique applies on almost any shot where the ball is nestled down in a hole. (If the ball is on top of the ground but sitting down in thick grass, that's more of a sand shot. Again, remember the difference and you'll make the right choice.)

One additional thought: When hitting out of a divot, you probably won't get quite as much distance. You'll probably need to take one more club to make your yardage. But use common sense -- if the divot is really deep, you may just need to take a wedge and be sure you get it out. Remember, dig it out.

See? It's not that difficult at all.

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