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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Hot List Link

Today I'm just giving you a link. You can click here to go to the "home page" for Golf Digest's 2015 Hot List. I decided to post it because I know many of you are looking for new equipment this year.

And yes, I realize that some of you actually need new equipment while the rest of you just have club envy after seeing the new stuff at the PGA Merchandise Show. Each to his (or her) own.

Hot List banner

One quick note about this link: Golf Digest hasn't posted all their equipment test results yet. At the time I'm writing this, there are only 3 categories listed:
  • Drivers (14 models)
  • Fairway woods (11 models)
  • Hybrids (13 models)
Also note that some of these models actually represent 2 slightly different club lines, one for the weekend player and one for the pros. If you go shopping, make sure you get the one that's actually designed for your swing.

Golf Digest is adding a new category each day so you'll see a fourth category added today, and more categories over the next few. Have fun dreaming!

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