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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Limerick Summary: Hyundai Tournament of Champions

Winner: Patrick Reed

Around the wider world of golf: The 2015 season is just getting underway so there's not a lot to report yet, other than Andy Sullivan's victory at the ET's South African Open Championship.

Patrick Reed

Look, I gave up trying to keep up with all the different stats GC was giving on Patrick Reed. When they start giving stats like "most wins for players under 24years 6months of age," my brain starts to pucker up.

But I did get this one: Patrick has 4 PGA Tour wins in only 35 starts. I also checked the OWGR charts and this win leaped him up to #14 in the world. And Ryan Ballengee posted these little nuggets in his column over at Devil Ball Golf:
Reed made an 18-foot birdie putt to secure his fourth PGA Tour win his last 35 starts.
The only person with more wins in that span? Rory McIlroy. 
Reed, who turns 25 next August, is also just one of four players in the last two decades to notch four PGA Tour wins before their 25th birthday. The others are guys known simply by their first names: Rory, Tiger and Sergio. Great company.
That's pretty good stuff if you ask me. Patrick took some grief for saying he was a Top5 player after his Doral win, but he certainly seems to be backing it up. (I know he didn't play well for a long stretch last year, but new babies do tend to be a distraction.)

As for Jimmy Walker's "collapse," I don't think it's such a big deal this early in the year. Nobody plays well all the time and just because his "bad 9" was the back 9 of the final round doesn't mean he choked. Even Patrick credited his mental game for his win Monday; Jimmy should be in fine shape for his title defense at Sony this week.

What should we expect from Patrick going forward? Well, he said that he needs to play better in majors and that's going to be a "major" focus this year. If he sets his mind to it the way he's set his mind to everything else, I suspect he's going to make some serious noise.

In the meantime, Patrick Reed gets his 4th Limerick Summary before his 25th birthday. That's got to be some kind of record...
Though some think he talks a bit much,
Reed’s proving he may have “The Touch”—
Like Tiger and Phil,
He plays with the will
To get the job done in the clutch.
The photo came from the tournament wrap-up page at

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