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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Be Careful What Equipment You Buy Going Forward

Today I'm just posting a link to a Golf Digest article that you need to read, especially if you order equipment online. Apparently not all of the equipment from Japan is USGA-conformant.

According to the article:
The Japan Golf Goods Association, the trade organization for golf equipment manufacturers in Japan, today [that's Monday, 2 February 2015] announced that it would support the distribution of non-conforming golf equipment.
The article details the JGGA's reasoning and their realization that this could possibly confuse golfers. However, it's clear they don't believe that should be a deterrent. They are "advocating" that non-conforming equipment should be clearly marked but have yet to indicate how that should be done. Their professed rationale is that this equipment will make the game more fun for more golfers.

Of course, non-conforming equipment is available almost everywhere, even here in the USA. But I believe this is the first time that a major trade organization has officially supported the manufacture of such equipment.

I admit that I'm a cynic about this issue. They can say what they want but I believe the main reason for anyone to manufacture and sell non-conforming equipment is simply that they believe they'll make more money than they will by selling conforming equipment.

The reason I'm calling this to your attention is simple. It doesn't matter how many trade organizations decide to support the manufacture and distribution of non-conforming equipment. If you want to use that equipment in any USGA- or R&A-sanctioned event, you will be disqualified because that equipment is illegal for competitive use. (That's why it's "non-conforming" in the first place!)

So caveat emptor -- Buyer, Beware! Japanese companies sell nearly a quarter of all golf equipment worldwide. If you suspect you might EVER want to play in a sanctioned event, double-check any equipment before you buy in the future, especially online purchases. You might save yourself a lot of heartache.

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