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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

By 4:30pm ET Today...

...everybody expects Davis Love III to be named as the next US Ryder Cup Captain. In all likelihood, he will be; I have trouble believing we've gotten so much info about the choice over the last week and it would turn out to be wrong.

In case you didn't see Golf Central last night, here's Tim Rosaforte's report about what to expect. (In case the video didn't embed properly, here's the link to it at And don't be freaked out by that 45 minute time showing on the video player; Rosaforte's report is only a bit more than 3 minutes long. You don't have to watch the rest of Golf Central if you don't want to!

A few high points here:
  • Davis was unanimously voted Captain when the task force first met in December, then reaffirmed as such in the next meeting.
  • Davis will also be announced as a vice captain for the 2018 Ryder Cup -- part of the continuity the task force wants.
  • Although Paul Azinger had withdrawn his name from consideration, he has been very involved as a consultant and some version of his pod system may be the basis of the new setup.
  • Fred Couples is probably going to be a vice captain this time around.
  • Several other changes will be announced as well, including more scheduled practice time for the team.
  • And apparently the players will now be calling the shots about how the team is run, with the PGA having a voice but only a voice.
GC will be carrying the official announcement at 4:30pm ET today if you want to catch it live. I'll be interested to hear the details, if only to see how the task force intends to deal with the interruptions caused by the 2016 Olympics.


  1. You nailed it



  4. Brandt Snedeker was picked by Love III in 2012 before winning FedexCup and then struggled at Medinah