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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Leadbetter on Hybrids

David Leadbetter made the following short video for Golf Digest on how to hit hybrids properly. Basically he just says to swing a hybrid as if it were an iron, not a fairway wood, so the 4 basics he gives are a good refresher on how to hit irons as well.

The 4 basics are:
  1. Set your weight a bit more on your lead side to encourage a downward hit.
  2. Move the ball back a bit in your stance, for the same reason. Leadbetter suggests a position similar to your 7-iron.
  3. Be sure to get a full shoulder turn during your backswing.
  4. Stay down on the ball at impact. (Here's my tip: If you find yourself straightening your legs, you're probably trying to jerk the club to start the downswing. Instead, feel as if you're starting down more slowly and "hit the accelerator" when the club is near waist level.)
And remember: Leadbetter says these 4 basics will improve your hybrid play, but they should help your iron play as well.

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