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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Swing Like Hahn, James Hahn

I know a lot of you -- like me -- have been watching James Hahn for quite a while, even though he hadn't won on the big tour until this past weekend. But since he won, Golf Digest decided to post a brief analysis of his swing here. I'm posting the video below.

To be honest, his overall swing doesn't look that different from anybody else's -- not even that little drop move at the top of his downswing. The one thing I would point out is most visible in the face-on view, although you'll have to watch closely to catch it.

I want you to look at his waggle. Most weekend players think a waggle is a big movement in which the club traces part of the backswing. Not so! James actually wiggles his backside just a bit with the club head sitting on the ground behind the ball, then he moves the club head vertically up and down a few times -- not a big movement, but enough that you can see it in the video. When he starts back, the bottom of the club head is actually near the equator of the ball, then he lowers it as he swings back.

My point is that you don't have to do something big to start your backswing. As long as you have some kind of movement to keep you from "freezing" over the ball you'll find it easier to get a smoother, more relaxed takeaway.

You can be sure that little bit of movement helped James make better swings when he was putting Paul Casey and DJ away during the playoff. It's a great cure for tension and nervousness when you're standing over the ball.

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