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Friday, March 20, 2015

Golf Digest Has Put Its New Shoe Guide Online

Golf Digest has its new golf shoe guide up, and it shows 46 different shoes. Click over and take a look, by all means -- there is a wide variety of styles to look at.

You should be forewarned that the shoes are divided up into 3 categories -- performance, casual and classic -- but the links at the top of the guide didn't work when I tried them. However, you can get to the start of each section easily enough, by either changing the slide number in the url or by clicking the photos at the bottom of the slide show:
  • Performance starts on slide 1
  • Casual starts on slide 20
  • Classic starts on slide 39
Clearly there aren't as many classic styles in the guide. However, each shoe has a link to the company website and often you can find a number of other models that are available.

I picked out a couple of the, shall we say, more interesting shoes that caught my attention.

Check this shoe out. It's the Biion (slide #20) and it's made out of plastic and rubber. (I wonder if its mom or dad was a Croc? That's what it reminds me of.) It weighs 15.4 oz and costs between $100 and $110. The company website has a load of models -- the wingtips are wild! -- but this pink flamingo model pictured at Golf Digest is just crazy.


And this is the Puma Monolite El Ray (slide #34). They're only 7.2 oz and $70, but I couldn't find them at the Puma website. There are a couple of other Monolites there, however, and they've got leather uppers and suede lining -- sweet!

Puma Monolite El Ray

There are quite a few normal-looking shoes in the guide as well. But let's face it, it's the unexpected models that tend to get you excited about new shoes... and you'll find plenty of them in the guide.

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