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Friday, April 3, 2015

How to Skip a Golf Ball Across Water

I suppose this is a completely useless skill unless you just want to impress your playing partners... but it's such a cool skill to have (the guys try it on #16 at Augusta every year, you know) that I couldn't resist posting this.

This is yet another of Golf Digest's Sexiest Shots in Golf videos, focusing on -- what else? -- how to skip a golf ball across a water hazard. This one features Kelly Rohrbach (Sports Illustrated’s Rookie Model of the Year) and Blair O'Neal, who's done a number of these videos before.

The keys to pulling this shot off?
  • Use a low-lofted iron or hybrid. (Blair is using a 4-iron in the video.)
  • You MUST hit the ball first!
  • Open your stance slightly, open the club face slightly, and play the ball way back in your stance, off your back foot. (You aren't interested in getting loft, folks.)
Now you've got something important to practice, okay?

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