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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lexi's Swing on ESPN's Sports Science

With the ANA Inspiration starting today, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at defending champion Lexi Thompson's swing. This particular video is from ESPN's Sports Science series and looks at how Lexi manages to repeat her swing -- and what she's doing while she does.

The video is from the year that Luke Donald was #1. And yes, I know there's a blank spot at the end but since ESPN uploaded this file to YouTube I guess they didn't feel the missing audio was important.

Lexi's swing is a good example of why you shouldn't think too much about your swing. If she were consciously trying to control all of her movements -- the way many pros and many of you do -- there's absolutely no way she could reproduce her swing this effectively. That's something all of you should keep in mind when you play: You want your swing to be as unconscious as possible.

Likewise, I want you to note that Lexi's swing clocked out at nearly 103mph -- that doesn't even match some of the average male college players -- and yet that was enough to send the ball a consistent 275 yards. If you hit the ball solidly, you don't have to swing 120mph to get distance!

If you want to watch Lexi bomb a few out there, remember that GC will be showing two broadcasts. The morning wave will run from noon-3pm ET (Pre-Game starts at 10:30am ET) and the late wave from 6pm-9pm ET. Lexi should be in the morning wave.