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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

OK... Maybe We're Just Obsessed with Jordan Now

I found this over at and laughed so hard... I mean, really, poor Jordan must be getting a little tired of this himself!

Here's the deal: Somebody with nothing better to do went through the Masters broadcast and discovered that Jordan talked to his ball quite a bit during the final round. In fact, apparently 90 words were directed at his trusty Titleist Pro-V1x as he maneuvered his way around Augusta National on his way to the green jacket.

So enlisted Tiffany Oshinsky to give a dramatic reading of those 90 words, which somebody decided were extremely poetic. In fact, in addition to the video of her performance, you can read the "poetry" yourself, now entitled Softly.
By Jordan Spieth
hit it wind hit it wind just a little bit just a little bit
softly real soft
oh no short hit softly soft softly
ahhhh be long enough
ahhhh fore right
go be enough go
hit it wind get down
oh no
down sit down
down sit
go hard go hard go hard go
be enough just be enough
a little be good
gotta be good c’mon be good
siddown ball
bite softly soft
hit softly hit softly and it’s real good
go hard
Forgive us, Jordan. We didn't mean to go all goofy on you. It's just the way life is these days.

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