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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Limerick Summary: 2015 Masters

Winner: Jordan Spieth

Around the wider world of golf: There isn't any wider world of golf this week. Don't you know that pretty much everything stops for the Masters?

Jordan Spieth dons his first Green Jacket

One old Longhorn shuffles off the stage and a younger one takes his place.

To me, that's the dominant image of the week -- a passing of the torch. Ben Crenshaw played his last Masters this week, finishing up on Friday... and then the young player he's been mentoring stepped up to the plate and put this tournament away in dominant style. Jordan Spieth thrashed through Augusta National like the proverbial Longhorn in a china shop, smashing every longstanding record he could get his hands on.

All the other storylines, as fascinating as they were, are secondary to this one. Not just because we have a new star to fawn over, or because maybe Jordan and Rory and Tiger and Phil are all potentially going to compete against each other -- a clash of generations -- for a few exciting years, or even because Jordan just seems to be a genuinely good person who deserves to win something like this.

No, ir's because more than any other major, the Masters is about history and about passing the best wisdom of each generation along to the next. Jordan gets praised for his maturity at such a young age, so it's appropriate that he gets his first major here.

Of course, we'll have plenty of time to talk about the other storylines and I'm sure we will during the coming months. But for now I'm content to let Jordan enjoy his new green plaything, as well as his shiny new Limerick Summary. Eventually he's got to get back to work on his next stated goal -- after all, this win only got him to #2 in the world:
At Augusta, old records lie broken.
And though the new champ’s quite soft-spoken
Rory found out tonight
He’s in Jordan Spieth’s sights
And the Longhorn shows no signs of chokin’.
The photo comes from the tournament wrap-up page at

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