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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Annabel Rolley on Tee Height

I know you know the standard answer for how high to tee the ball for a drive -- you want it high enough so half the ball is above the top of the driver.

But Annabel (from Golf Channel Academy) says there's a bit more to it than that. Here's her explanation of how to find the best tee height for you.

First she tells you where to hit the ball on the driver face. You may think it's the center of the face but NO! You want to hit the ball slightly above the center of the face to get the best launch angle (and therefore the most distance).

While the "half of ball above driver" is a good starting point, the attack angle of your swing can affect how high you should tee the ball. Annabel gives a complete explanation in the video so I'll just give you the basics:
  • If you tend to swing down on the ball, you want to tee the ball a bit lower to keep from going under ("skying") the ball.
  • If you tend to swing up on the ball, you want to tee the ball a bit higher to keep from going over (thinning or "skulling") the ball.
You'll need to experiment a bit on the range to find out exactly how much higher or lower you should tee the ball, but this little tip could help you make much better contact with your driver... and that means more distance!

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