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Friday, May 8, 2015

Butch Harmon's Generic Sand Shot

Golf Digest printed a new article by Butch Harmon on how to hit a simple sand shot that will get you out of a greenside bunker most of the time. This explanation is so simple that I had to pass it on.

Butch hitting a sand shot

Butch says:
  • Turn the face of your sand wedge so it's about 20 degrees open, then take your grip.
  • Set up so the ball is opposite the heel of your lead foot. That means it's waaaay forward in your stance.
  • Put a little more weight on your lead side.
  • Hold the shaft of the club straight up and down, not leaning toward the target.
  • Then just make a half-backswing and hit the sand about two or three inches behind the ball. You're trying to throw the sand and the ball out of the bunker at the same time.
Butch also says you don't want to cut across the ball when you swing. Rather, swing toward the target and let the open club face take care of getting under the ball.

A very simple approach to a shot that makes many of us weekend players nervous. By all means, take a look at the article.

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