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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Golf Magazine on Reading Greens... and AimPoint

The May issue of Golf Magazine has a huge spread covering 7 different techniques to help you read greens better. And the best thing about it is -- and I admit, it surprised me -- is that most of the material from that article is available online at this link.

For example, one of those techniques is a tip from teacher Todd Somes on whether to read your putt from behind the ball or behind the hole.

Why you should read from the low side

Somes gives this simple guideline:
  • If your putt is downhill, read it from behind the hole.
  • If your putt is uphill, read it from behind the ball.
In other words, always read your putt from the low side. The reason, as shown in the photo above, is that it's harder to read anything that's slanted away from you because it distorts your view... and if you try to read the putt from the high side, the amount of break is going to be distorted also.

But here's the REAL gem you'll want to see...

The article also includes an explanation of the simplified AimPoint Express technique that so many pros are using, INCLUDING A VIDEO that demonstrates how to use it. Yes, you read that correctly -- Mark Sweeney, the AimPoint guy himself, actually tells you how to do the simple version in the article, both in the magazine and online. In the online article, the video is on page 1 and the written description is on page 3.

Now that's worth taking the time to visit the website, isn't it?

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