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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Golf Magazine's Golf Ball Guide (and the AimPoint Link Again)

Earlier this week I linked you to a video at where you can find an explanation and demonstration of how to use AimPoint Express. The folks at Golf Magazine were kind enough to make that freely available to anyone who goes to the site.

But apparently everything in the May issue hasn't been put on the website. Right now I can't find a link to this -- so for now you'll have to buy the magazine to get it -- but the May Golf Magazine has a Golf Ball Buyer's Guide. It covers 66 different models from all the major manufacturers, giving you:
  • the price,
  • how the ball is supposed to help you,
  • the major technologies it uses, and
  • a bottom line assessment of the ball.
If you're in the market for a new ball, it looks like this guide could save you a lot of testing time by eliminating balls that won't help you. If it's already off the newstand shelves (my copy was a bit late arriving) you can always look through it at the library.

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