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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How Much Better Can the Finals Be?

I'm talking about the NCAA Women's Golf Division 1 Finals today, of course. Baylor and Stanford will face off today in match play to determine the winner.

But it's hard to believe it could be much better than the semis on Tuesday.

The Baylor Bears celebrate making the finals

Stanford finished off USC in fairly standard fashion... that is, if you consider falling way behind at the start and rallying in the final holes to win in a very decisive manner "fairly standard." Stanford has never won a national championship; their best finish is a runner-up in 2001.

Baylor drew defending champion Duke... and it all came down to the match between Duke's Lisa Maguire and Baylor's Lauren Whyte.

You need to understand: In the 4-day stroke play portion of the event that determined the eight match play teams, 84 players contended. Maguire and Whyte finished 83 and 84, respectively.

But those two players went 24 holes and played some of the most amazing recovery shots you'll see in any competition. Both women did themselves (and their schools) proud as Whyte sealed the deal for Baylor, a fairly young program whose players have never finished better than 16th in three appearances.

If Tuesday's matches were any indication, today's finals should be fantastic. GC is carrying the coverage live. Pre-game starts at 1pm ET and the official coverage begins at 3pm ET. And in case you missed the semi-finals, it looks like GC will re-air those at 9:30am ET, before the live coverage. Check it out if you missed it!

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