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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Martin Hall on Getting More Solid Contact

Martin Hall did a sort of tribute to Calvin Peete, in the form of a lesson on how to hit the ball straighter. For the most part, it focuses on solid contact. Here's the video and I'll focus on a couple of points afterward.

Note that you can tell a lot about where the ball is contacting the face by the resulting shot shape:
  • Balls hit off the heel tend to slice.
  • Balls hit off the toe tend to hook.
  • Balls hit low on the face tend to go straight but they fly low and lose distance.
  • And although he didn't mention it, balls hit high on the face also tend to go straight but they fly very high and short.
The drill using the shoebox to help you with toe and heel hits is one he uses often, but you may have missed what he said about a very common problem... SHANKS. Pay special attention to the drill he says Byron Nelson used -- almost brushing his trailing thigh with his hands during the downswing. Since shanks tend to happen because you're swinging outward too much, this is a good way -- especially on those short pitches when shanks most often happen -- to keep the hosel of the club from hitting the ball.

These tips will not only improve your accuracy but increase your distance as well. (And distance control also, since solid contact means more consistent contact.)