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Friday, May 1, 2015

My Brackets Aren't Looking So Good

As we get used to this new "pool play" segment of the Match Play, it has become obvious to me that it isn't helping my brackets all that much.

Although we've only seen two of the three days, I've already lost Graeme McDowell (granted, he was my flier pick since he wasn't playing well this year) and will likely lose Justin Rose today (I should have taken the fatigue factor more seriously). Jordan Spieth still needs to beat Lee Westwood to advance, and Paul Casey needs to beat Francesco Molinari... which means both of my other picks will have to win all three of their matches in order to advance.

And with all the talk about a "group of death," nobody accurately picked the TWO groups that fit this description. In Group 3 (Furyk's group) and Group 10 (Garcia's group), all 4 players are still alive and the advancers will be determined by tiebreaks after today's matches.

If you want to see who's still got a chance and who's pretty much dead, you can check this summary post from That's the easiest way to find out where your favorite players stand.

Or fall, as the case may be.

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