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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stanford Takes the Prize

Yesterday I wondered if the finals of the NCAA Women's Golf could possibly match up to Tuesday's play.

The winning Stanford team and Baylor's star Hayley Davis

As it turned out, they did. It all came down to the last match between Stanford's star Mariah Stackhouse and Baylor's star Hayley Davis. The two went after each other, making some amazing shots on their way to extra holes. Here's the wrap-up video from GC. It includes some of the big shots, including the almost miraculous shot Davis made from the hazard on 16:

It was a rough loss for Baylor, yet this is a young team whose previous best finish was 16th. Clearly they'll have a lot to be proud of, once they get over the immediate heartbreak of the loss.

One last bit of business: The Marathon LPGA Classic (formerly known as the Jamie Farr Toledo Classic) awarded two spots in their event. One went to the winner of the stroke play portion of the event; that went to Alabama's Emma Talley. The other went to one member of the winning team; Stanford decided that would go to junior Lauren Kim.

Now the men take over at Concession Golf Club -- a practice round Thursday, four days of stroke play and then two days of match play, just like the women. We'll see how they handle this tricky track!

The photo came from this article at There's also a fuller explanation of some of the great shots the two stars hit in their epic match.

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