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Thursday, May 7, 2015

THE PLAYERS All Day and into the Night

This is another of those reminder posts because even has listings for THE PLAYERS all day long from 8:30am ET until midnight ET. I'm going to try and make some sense out of them for you. All times are ET.

The listings for the LIVE app overlap; there's a 8:30a-6:30p listing and a 9:00a-7:00p listing. Still, that gives you an idea.

The radio broadcast runs from noon until 7pm.

And GC will be running several shows covering the whole day (these come from both the tournament page I linked to earlier and the TV schedule at GC):
  • Morning Drive runs from 6am-9am. (Note that the Spieth-McIlroy-Day group tees off at 8:30am, so they'll probably skip over to show them.)
  • Live from THE PLAYERS picks up at 9am and runs until 1pm.
  • The broadcast proper starts at 1pm and runs until 7pm.
  • Then Live from THE PLAYERS returns from 7pm-9pm.
  • It looks like they're showing a condensed replay of the broadcast from 9pm until midnight.
  • And at that point, Live from THE PLAYERS begins repeating throughout the night.
That should help you keep up with when they're showing new material and when it's a replay.

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