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Sunday, May 3, 2015

YAY! Paul Casey's Still Alive... Barely

Okay, I know some of you are saying that Rory McIlroy is still alive... barely. But Casey's the only guy left from my Final Four picks so I'm pulling for him.

The playoff continues this morning at 6:45am PT -- that's 9:45am ET (where I live on the East Coast) -- and who knows how many holes it might go. Paul and Rory had already played 3 extra holes before darkness took over.

The winner plays Jim Furyk, who has made it to the Final Four for the first time. And Jim is playing well so that should be a good match no matter who he faces.

But the real challenge appears to be Gary Woodland. He's set to face Danny Willett in the semis today but you've got to figure Gary is the favorite to make the finals. He's the only guy who has stayed hot from Day 1, which is why I didn't think he'd make it to the semis. I thought he'd have a bad round in one of the two rounds today as fatigue started to take its toll. (That's apparently what happened to Hideki Matsuyama. His game simply vanished against McIlroy.)

But Woodland didn't stumble after all. So you have to figure that he will be the favorite to take it all today as well.

Gary Woodland

The finals are set up to have four players with very different approaches to the game, regardless of whether Casey or McIlroy makes it through. And the winner of the Match Play will certainly have earned his victory.

I'm just hoping that's Paul Casey, that's all. ;-D

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