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Friday, June 5, 2015

Blair O'Neal and the Toe of the Putter

Yes, another Sexiest Shots in Golf video with Blair O'Neal. But this one is something I've never really heard explained this well.

Yes, here's the skinny on how to putt from the fringe with the toe of your putter.

The key thing that rarely (if ever) gets mentioned when this topic comes up is that:
You have to have a blade putter in order to play this shot.
It's all about the shape of the toe on a blade. You need a putter with a fairly squared off toe, not a rounded one like other styles of putters. As Blair says, if you don't have a blade just move on to the next video.

Then it's just as simple as you would expect:
  • Turn the putter over so you can use the toe.
  • Move the ball back a bit in your stance so you can hit slightly down on it at the ball's equator or slightly above instead of getting hung in the grass.
  • Gauge your speed the same way you do for a normal putt.
It's important that you don't hit too low on the ball when you use this method. If you hit too low, the ball will just pop up in the air and lose speed.

Yes, it's that simple. As long as you have a blade putter, that is. If you don't, you'll have to belly a wedge.

Or maybe just whine about your bad luck. I find that always helps. ;-)

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