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Friday, June 12, 2015

Blair O'Neal on Hitting from the Wet Stuff

If you're having a lot of rain -- as much of the US is -- you're probably finding your ball in a lot of wet lies and you have no convenient place to take relief. Or even if you get relief, the ground is still soaked. Enter Blair O'Neal with another Sexiest Shots in golf, this one on hitting from a wet lie.

I suppose there's nothing really new here; there rarely is when it comes to fundamentals. Still, it's nice to hear things laid out as simply as Blair does here:
  • Take one extra club and grip down on it. You don't want to strain for distance.
  • Put 60% of your weight on your lead leg and keep it there throughout the swing. You need as accurate a strike as you can get, and you won't get it if you're moving off the ball.
  • Don't scoop the ball -- that is, don't flip your hands in an effort to get the ball up in the air. Your hands should be slightly ahead of the ball at impact... and they will be if you keep 60% of your weight on your lead side during the whole stroke.
  • Finish with your hands low. This shortens your swing a bit and makes it easier to keep your hands slightly ahead of the ball at impact.
Yeah, I know. It's simple stuff and you probably already knew it. But it's never bad to hear it again because we're human and we tend to forget things really easily.

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