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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tom Watson on Chipping with a 5-Iron

Here's a new video from the Golf Digest site. Tom Watson is just one stroke off the lead at the US Senior Open and the Open Championship is just around the corner, so why not learn his simple chipping / putting tip... using a 5-iron? There's a little written material at the link that you'll want to read, but this video gives you the basics.

It's simple. Just:
  • choose your 5-iron,
  • grip down on it with your putting grip -- that means the 5-iron shaft is in line with your forearms (just look at the video),
  • put a bit more weight on your lead foot,
  • lean the shaft a bit forward, and
  • use your putting stroke, which takes your wrists out of the stroke and makes it easier to get clean contact.
Tom is using a 5-iron instead of a hybrid. The 5-iron has a shorter shaft so you may find it easier to use. The 5-iron also has a bit more loft, so it gets the ball up a little quicker over that fringe grass.

The more simple shots like this that you have in your arsenal, the less stressful your short game will be.

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