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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Upsets at the Men's NCAA Championship

The Women's NCAA Championship last week dealt out plenty of drama. The men dealt out upsets.

After SMU's Bryson DeChambeau won the men's individual title on Monday, almost everybody expected #1 seed Illinois to do some serious damage in the team match play. But it was not to be; the #5 USC Trojans knocked them out in the semifinals, joining the #7 LSU Tigers who ousted #3 Georgia.

While a 5th seed playing a 7th seed for the championship may sound like a bit of a letdown, bear in mind that #5 USC beat the first and fourth seeds while #7 LSU beat the 2nd and 3rd seeds... and each beat their opponents pretty soundly. LSU lost only 2 of the 10 matches while USC lost only 1 match! And just to make things worse, some of them were lopsided wins, like LSU's Zach Wright winning 7&6 over Georgia's Mookie DeMoss.

Here's GC's preview of the final round (also embedded below). I think it's hard to pick a winner in today's finals, although I'm giving the edge to LSU. Experience is not a factor here; the Tigers haven't been to the finals in 60 years and the Trojans have never been.

If you missed them, you can get the Tuesday highlights from this video at GC will also be re-airing the Tuesday matches starting at 9:30am ET today.

The final round will be televised on GC starting with the Pre-Game Show at 1pm ET. The "official" coverage (we all know they'll be showing bits and pieces during the Pre-Game) starts at 3pm ET.


  1. Due to pending weather, Golf Channel is on right now

  2. I wondered why they came on so early. I stumbled across it around 10:30am.