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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Variety of Quick Fixes

Today I want to give you a link to one of those slide shows with short lessons attached that Golf Digest is so fond of. This one is called The 9 Most Frustrating Golf Shots and it hits (forgive the pun!) a variety of skanky shots that we all fight from time to time. The list includes:
    Butch from the 'Skulled Pitch' tip
  1. Shank
  2. Pop-Up Drive
  3. Topped Shot
  4. Double-Hit Chip
  5. Snap Hook
  6. Skulled Pitch Shot
  7. Toe Hit
  8. Pull
  9. Push
Remember, as with any other instructional tips you read, not all of them will work for you. But it's compiled from the teachings of some big name teachers -- Rick Smith, Butch Harmon (pictured above), Todd Anderson and Chuck Cook, among others -- so it's worth taking a quick peek.

And if one of the tips does work for you, you'll find links to more info on the fix from that teacher. Very useful!

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