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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How Butch Tweaked Rickie's Swing

Golf Digest is now making a series of videos featuring Butch Harmon and Rickie Fowler called Fix the Gaps in Your Game. The first "season" has 4 videos, although the first is a "behind the scenes" deal.

At any rate, this is the one on how to hit the fairway with your driver. It tells you exactly what Butch did to get Rickie's swing on plane and stop him from laying the club off so much at the top of the swing. Butch also explains how this can help you stop slicing.

Please note that the basic move they incorporated into the takeaway. Rickie already had a one-piece takeaway but the shaft was pointed off at an angle. Butch repositioned him so the shaft pointed along his toe line.

In case you need a drill to get this move down, there's a series on my Some Useful Post Series page called Dexter's Coming Over-the-Top. The drill is in the third post in the series, at this link. This is the basis of getting your swing on plane, so make sure your takeaway is in good shape!

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