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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Zach on Hitting Solid Wedges

With Zach Johnson winning the Open, most of the golf sites are putting links to their "Johnson How-to" articles on their front pages. Golf Digest is no different; they've linked to an article they did back in March on how Zach gets those approach shots so close.

But there are also a number of other "Zach links" on that page, and I've pulled one from way back in June 2013 on hitting pitch shots. There's a short video there that demonstrates what he says in the article but I can't embed it; you'll have to pop over there to see it. Just click the link in this paragraph.

But here's a picture that catches the key position.

Zach after impact with pitch shot

This is also the position Zach is in right after he hits an approach shot. The difference is that, on the approach shots, he gets a full wrist cock at the top of his backswing. On the pitch shots, in which the top of the backswing is typically only waist high, his wrists are only flexed a little. (That's explained in the video, btw.)

The key here is that he isn't flipping his wrists or twisting his forearms. He's using the bounce of the club, allowing the loft of the wedge to get the ball up in the air.

Look, I don't have to sell you on this. You all saw him wedge St. Andrews to death last week. Go and do thou likewise!

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