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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Annabel Rolley on Hitting Hybrids

Every now and then I find an interesting tip about how to play hybrids. The irony is that most of them give you basically the same tip: Hit your hybrids as if they were irons, not fairway woods.

However, for some players that's easier said than done. So I'm always on the lookout for some new drill or image that might help you get a better result with your hybrid.

Hence, this short practice tip from Golf Channel Academy's Annabel Rolley. Why do I like it? Because it's the kind of drill that's simple to comprehend... and it's so visual that, once you get good with it on the range, you can use it out on the course without actually using the physical target from the drill! Here, take a look at the video:

Look, teeing the ball low and placing a quarter on the ground in front of the ball is one of the cheapest range practice aids you can use to learn how to hit down and take a divot. (Although I think I'd use a second tee instead of the quarter and just push it down almost level with the ground. If you get good at this drill, you could end up losing a lot of quarters!)

But please note what Annabel says: It doesn't really matter if you actually hit the quarter. The key here is the image of trying to pick the quarter (or tee or whatever) off the ground in front of the ball when you make your swing. You can do that out on the golf course during a round -- imagining something in front of the ball, that is, not placing an actual quarter on the ground -- to help you take that divot.

If you're having trouble hitting your hybrids, this is worth a try. Tips don't get much simpler than this.