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Friday, August 7, 2015

Blair O'Neal on How to Juggle Golf Balls

At last, a really useful instructional video! If you've ever wanted to bounce a golf ball off the face of a club -- but just couldn't quite get the damn thing to behave -- Blair O'Neal has just the ticket for you.

Of course, it's another of Golf Digest's Sexiest Shots in Golf videos... although I guess this isn't technically a shot.

Blair's tips:
  • Use a high-lofted club.
  • Set the club on the ground, face open.
  • Drop the ball onto the face.
  • Use small vertical strokes.
Note what Blair says typically causes the problem: Holding the club head too high in the air and trying to bounce the ball too high with big strokes. Keep the movements low and compact.

However, if you want to use the club to toss the ball up in the air and then hit it before it touches the ground, I guess you're on your own...

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