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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jordan's Keys to Dominating Par-4s

Since Jordan is once again making the field at a major take notice of him, here's a link to a few tips he wrote up for Golf Digest -- in this case, how to make the best scores on par-4s. They're broken down into three categories:
  1. Picking a target for your drives
  2. Getting good contact with your irons
  3. Controlling distance on your putts
It's a short article so it won't be a time-consuming read, but I would like to focus on one of the simpler tips he mentions.

Spieth's birdie from the rough stat

Jordan calls this tip the Three-Shot Rule: Never take more than three shots to reach the green on a par-4. If you get into trouble with your tee shot, use your second shot to put yourself back in play so you can put your third shot on the green.

In other words, bad tee shot = recovery shot next.

This is so simple and yet so hard to do. We just KNOW we can get the ball out of that questionable lie and put it on the green. But most of the time, we can't. Jordan's advice is to take your medicine and give yourself a putt (or chip) for par. You're much more likely to make that one than a 150-yard iron from the rough you're still stuck in.

No, this article isn't full of earthshaking new advice. Yes, it's the mindset that makes Jordan Spieth a force to be reckoned with in the majors. Maybe it's good advice...?

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