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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Limerick Summary: 2015 The Barclays

Winner: Jason Day

Around the wider world of golf: Jeff Maggert got his fourth win of the season at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open on the Champions Tour; Dicky Pride won the WinCo Foods Portland Open (and locked up his PGA Tour card for next year) on the Tour; Brad Clapp won the Great Waterway Classic on the MACKENZIE TOUR-PGA TOUR Canada; Kris Tamulis got her first-ever win at the Yokohama Tire LPGA Classic on the LPGA; and Bo-Mee Lee won the Nitori Ladies on the JLPGA (bangkokbobby has details).

Jason Day with Barclays trophy

Friday afternoon everybody was wondering what happened to Jordan Spieth. Well, now we know...

He accidently left his game in Jason Day's golf bag, and we got to see what it looked like with Jason's muscles behind it.

The scoring at The Barclays surprised a few people but I doubt anybody expected the show Jason put on Sunday. His 8-under 62 was two shots better than anyone else on the course, and his -19 total was six shots better than his closest competition, Henrik Stenson. He tied the tournament record in the process.

But the numbers just get crazier. Earlier in the week I thought Jordan was more than 200 points ahead of Jason but apparently I read an older chart -- Jason now leads the FedExCup by 290 points over Jordan. And as if that wasn't enough, even though Rory will retake World #1 this week, Jason now has a chance to take that spot if he wins next week. Crazy!

And of course the debate about Player of the Year has already started, as both Jason and Jordan now have four wins. Jordan would likely win right now; he does have one more major and, according to ESPN, Jordan's stroke average is about a half stroke better than Jason's.

So far, that is. There are three tournaments left in the playoffs, after all, and Jason Day has won three of his last four events, the last two in record fashion. Perhaps I should write a few spare Limerick Summaries for Jason Day -- you know, just in case I need them in the next few weeks. It might save me some time...
A dry spell? Well, not anymore!
Since Jason’s gone three out of four
He’s first in the Cup
And his star’s rising up—
Could his Playoffs have more wins in store?
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