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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Limerick Summary: 2015 PGA Championship

Winner: Jason Day

Around the wider world of golf: Brooke Henderson blistered the field at the LPGA's Cambia Portland Classic by eight strokes, setting a new tournament record; Vicky Hurst won the W.B. Mason Championship on the Symetra Tour; Dawie van der Walt won the Price Cutter Charity Championship on the Tour; and Hannah O'Sullivan beat Sierra Brooks in the finals of the US Women's Amateur.

Day and caddie overcome with emotion after win

At the Open Championship last month, curious reporters asked Jason Day what his frequent practice partner Tiger Woods had told him about playing majors. Jason said that Tiger simply told him he had all the shots and all he had to do was go use them.

And boy, this week did he ever! Nobody had ever posted a winning score of -20 in any major until Day's domination of Whistling Straits Sunday. Jordan Spieth posted a 4-under round, which he thought would be enough when the day started.

He was wrong. Jason posted 5-under. (Don't cry for Jordan, however. He did enough to steal the World #1 ranking from Rory McIlroy... for a couple of weeks, anyway. As Rory noted in his news conference earlier in the week, 'eras' don't last very long in modern golf.)

Day and his caddie/surrogate father Colin Swatton were overcome with emotion after Jason sank the final 6-inch putt that gave him his first-ever major. And it was an appropriate ending for a major season that has made history in oh-so-many ways. We'll be sorting out the numbers for months... in preparation for next season's majors, of course.

I don't know how many majors Jason Day will eventually win; I'm unwilling to even hazard a guess. But this major Limerick Summary is unlikely to be the last one I'll be penning for the new World #3:
Down under, they’re over the top—
The Jason Day train wouldn’t stop
Till he ran down a major.
I’m willing to wager
His stock going forward won’t drop.
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