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Monday, September 7, 2015

Blair O'Neal on Escaping from a Fried Egg Lie

Now that Blair O'Neal is co-hosting GC's School of Golf while Sara Brown is out on maternity leave, I guess we have to take her golf tips even more seriously, don't we?

Well, let's get started right now. Here's another of her Sexiest Shots in Golf videos, this one demonstrating how to get out of a plugged (also called a fried egg) lie in a bunker.

Your primary thought is to use the bounce of your sand wedge, not the leading edge. Sounds easy when she does it, doesn't it? Here are her keys:
  • Stand a bit further away from the ball
  • Lower your hands by squatting a bit more
  • On your backswing, hinge your wrists aggressively
  • On your downswing, make a descending blow through the ball
  • Finish aggressively (keep your swing speed up)
You're using the bounce by making a flatter swing, making sure the shaft is nearly vertical -- not leaning forward -- when you hit the sand, and swinging fast enough to move the sand as well as the ball.

Like I said, sounds easy when she does it. You probably just need a little practice.

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