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Friday, September 18, 2015

Butch Harmon on Getting a Bigger Turn

Here's a quickie tip from Butch Harmon on how to get a bigger turn, courtesy of Golf Digest. I'll add a couple of thoughts after the video:

First of all, "right pocket back" is clearly a thought for right-handers. I'd amend it to say "trailing pocket back" since that's good for lefties as well.

And second, there's an added advantage to turning that trailing foot outward a bit. I know you keep hearing how it increases your ability to turn, and it does. But it also does something else -- it helps overcome a sway.

Forget golf for a moment and just think about how you keep your balance. If you start to lean a bit forward, you can stabilize yourself by merely putting a bit more pressure on the balls of your feet. It allows you to "push back" without a lot of tension in your legs and hips.

The exact same thing happens when you turn your trailing foot outward a bit at address. When you begin your turn away from the ball, you can stop a sway by simply pressing down with the ball of your trailing foot, and it works without having to tense your lower body -- especially your trailing hip -- so much.

Give it a try if you're fighting a sway. You might be surprised at how much it helps.

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