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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Joel Beall Tries to Put Jordan's Year in Perspective

Since we'll be talking about what Jordan has done this year for quite a while, I thought I'd post this link to Joel Beall's Golf Digest post about what Jordan accomplished. It's not long but it does a good job of summarizing some of the most important things he did, as well as offer his opinion on who we should be comparing him with.

Jordan at THE TOUR Championship

There is also some interesting trivia in the post. For example, did you know that Jordan averaged over $3600 per shot? (Considering how long some of his putts were, they probably should have been worth more.)

As Beall sums it up in his post,
Spieth had the type of season -- highlighted by wins at the Masters and U.S. Open -- that constitutes a good career.
Again, it's a short post but it's an interesting place to begin. And as I said yesterday, I'll be taking my own shot at putting Jordan's year in perspective later this week. (I doubt my shot will be worth $3600 although I can wish...)

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