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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Star Wars: The Spieth Strikes Back

Queue the symphony orchestra with the dramatic John Williams music...

Yes, it looks like the can't-miss kid who spent the last month struggling against some dark Jedi mind tricks has stepped up his game once again. But there's one final battle left to fight, and the outcome is still in doubt. Can the kid do the improbable and come through just once more?

I could compare the fairways of East Lake to those Death Star trenches they flew the X-wing fighters through in the movie, but I'll spare you that. However, I'm sure the cups aren't going to look near as large as that exhaust port the X-wings were trying to hit.

Jordan Spieth

Will this kid really prove to be the Chosen One, aka the Player of the Year? Yeah, probably. Jason Day knows he'll need to "Try not. Do. There is no try" if he wants to win it all today. In fact, he's got his hands full just trying to make up that 8-shot deficit and get back in the tournament.

Henrik Stenson -- who's big enough to be Darth Vader although he's got a much better sense of humor and breathes more quietly -- stumbled Saturday and will have to focus his formidable powers if he hopes to win it all again.

And Rickie Fowler -- who I picked as my favorite to win this week -- did an excellent job of positioning himself during the third round. But I have no idea what Star Wars character I could possibly compare him to, although after the little prank exchange with Danny Lee, I seriously considered Jar-Jar Binks. ("Meesah win the Cup, Master Anny. Meesah gonna be the champion!")

Anyway, you can check out the final round permutations for winning the FedExCup right here at this link. For some of the potential winners, like Paul Casey, it's gotten pretty complicated.

But it's all in Jordan's hands now and if he pulls it off... well, there's that big medal ceremony afterwards. I just hope they don't try to hang that FedExCup trophy around his neck. I don't care how well you command the Force, that's gonna throw your back out.

And the orchestra strikes up the music one more time...

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