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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Limerick Summary: 2015 Deutsche Bank Championship

Winner: Rickie Fowler

Around the wider world of golf: Lee Slattery won the M2M Russian Open on the ET; Nicole Broch Larsen won the Helsingborg Open on the LET; Caroline Westrup won the Sioux Falls GreatLIFE Challenge on the Symetra Tour; Christopher Ross won the Wildfire Invitational on the MACKENZIE TOUR-PGA TOUR Canada; and Bo-Mee Lee won the Golf 5 Ladies on the JLPGA (bangkokbobby has details).

Rickie Fowler with Deutsche Bank trophy

Wasn't it just a few months ago that some anonymous poll of pro golfers said that Rickie Fowler was overrated? Apparently pro golfers aren't as knowledgeable as we have been led to believe. (Remember that next time you're tempted to copy your favorite pro and change instructors, okay?)

I found myself really torn on Monday. You see, I'm as big a fan of Henrik Stenson as I am of Rickie. (Henrik has come back "from the depths" in much the same way Lee Westwood and Steve Stricker have, so I can't help but pull for him. And it's really good to see him finally back from that illness he had in April.) But Rickie has taken that poll personally and... well, I'm enjoying the way he's making his detractors look like idiots now.

This is three worldwide wins for Rickie this year, all big tournaments and all won in fairly spectacular fashion:
  • THE PLAYERS... well, they'll be talking about that finish for years.
  • The Scottish Open... drilling that driver on 18 and sticking that wedge when everybody wanted him to lay up was just impressive.
And now we add Deutsche Bank, where the spectacular aspect wasn't the finish quite so much as the final 36 holes. He went -4 on the front 9 Sunday, hitting every green without hitting a single fairway. He hit only four fairways total on Sunday, then snap-hooked it off the first tee Monday. But he managed to stay close to Henrik until the big Swede finally made a mistake... and then, somehow, Rickie found his driver and forced Henrik to step up or get beaten.

We all know what happened. Rickie Fowler may not be the most consistent player in the world but you sure don't want to face him down the stretch when he's got a chance to win.

Rickie's win vaulted him to #3 in the FedExCup rankings and #5 in the OWGR. (I take some solace for Henrik, since he still managed to snag the #4 spot in the FedExCup.) And, if I might be so bold, he takes the #1 spot in the "Don't Make Me Mad or I'll Kick Your Ass" rankings that have become so popular on Tour these days. For that reason, Rickie gets a special Limerick Summary suitable for a man starving to win:
Poor Rickie—he’s hungry to score:
“Got two this year. Still, I WANT MORE!
Let’s win Deutsche Bank,
Give my critics a spank,
And then make that Big Three a BIG FOUR!”
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