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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Lot of Stuff Happened Tuesday

So many newsy bits came out yesterday that I thought I'd list them, in case you missed some of them.

1. The big news at the World Long Driving Championship semifinals was that Joe Miller went out right off the bat. Joe was considered the favorite to win the event, and hit the second-longest drive of the entire 16-player field (396 yards) but came up two yards short. In match play that's all it takes.

That probably leaves Jamie Sadlowski as the new favorite, and his clubhead speed is about 10mph or so better than the rest of his bracket. I would like to see Jeff Crittenden win -- he lost by only 13 inches last year! -- but he faces Sadlowski next. Not likely to be a good night for Jeff.

2. We learned that Tiger hasn't even begun his back rehab yet and that he expects it to take some time. Just from the sound of things, he could be looking at a year -- which is probably what he should have taken after the last surgery. Live and learn, I guess.

3. The 2019 Open Championship is going to be held at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland, which is long overdue in my opinion. And it's going to be a bit unusual since Royal Portrush is a very green links course. I didn't even know they made those.

4. Jordan Spieth announced that he's going to play at the Singapore Open instead of the Farmers Insurance Open in late January, which has upset some people. Last year they complained because he played the John Deere instead of the Scottish Open; this year they're complaining because he's cashing in on some of the appearance fees he can now claim. Both events (Deere and Farmers) gave him exemptions when he was trying to get his card. And it's worth noting that he has played Farmers each of the last three years, so I can't see why skipping it for one year would be any different than skipping Deere last year would have been.

Can't please everybody, Jordan. Better get used to it.

5. Finally, Rich Beem gave up his spot in the UBS Hong Kong Open so Ian Poulter could make his European Tour minimum schedule, which ultimately could have kept him out of the Ryder Cup next year. Beem has taken considerable ribbing over it, since most Americans would probably like it if we didn't have to face Poulter in the Ryder Cup, but Beemer said it was the right thing to do and I agree with him.

I think that pretty much covers it all. It's unusual to get so much news from so many different camps on one day, but that should get you caught up on it all. I think the Royal Portrush announcement was probably the most important.

At least, unless you're Joe Miller.

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