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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Going High, Low and Around with Kevin Kisner

Golf Digest posted an article with Kevin Kisner describing how to hit shots around various obstacles. In the article he tells how to hit the ball high, low, hooked and sliced. This video that accompanies the article demonstrates how to hit the ball high.

Now obviously, I can't just copy the article and repost it here -- and that's what I'd have to do, since the article is little more than a summary of the steps you should take to hit each of those shots. But you might find it useful to know how the ball position changes for each of these shots:
  • To hit the ball low, you don't have to change your ball position at all. Just take a longer club and choke down.
  • To hit the ball high, you move the ball forward in your stance. Kisner says, "Ball position is crucial. Address it almost like you were hitting a driver, off your front heel." In fact, his instructions sound like a driver setup. As a result, he says weight shift during the downswing is very important if you don't want to hit the ball thin or fat.
  • To hook the ball, move the ball just back of the center of your stance.
  • To slice the ball, move the ball just forward of the center of your stance.
Notice that you don't have to make major changes to ball position EXCEPT when you need to hit the ball higher than normal -- and in this case, we're talking much higher than normal.

But if you take a moment to consider how you would combine these instructions -- for example, to hit a low slice -- you'll realize why most players consider hitting a high draw to be the most difficult shot. You're supposed to move the ball forward to hit it high but back to get the draw. You can't do both!

In order to hit a high draw, you're forced to move the ball forward and hit the draw from there. That greatly increases your chances of hitting the ball fat or thin.

Hopefully Kevin's instructions will help improve your ability to maneuver the ball... and also help you understand why some shots are more difficult for you than others.

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