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Saturday, October 10, 2015

How J.B. Holmes Hits Fairway Woods

Now that you've watched J.B. Holmes murdering golf balls for a few matches at the Presidents Cup, here's his most recent video tip on how to do that from Golf Digest. He does it with a 3-wood in this video but it's the same for any fairway wood.

Note that J.B. says this is more of a sweeping swing but he's trying to hit down on the ball. The reason for the apparent contradiction? If you make a full swing with a fairway wood, the longer shafts force your swing plane to be slightly flatter than an iron swing -- it's not something you try to do, it just happens -- so the angle of attack on the ball is shallower and therefore more of a sweeping motion. But that happens automatically; you're still thinking about hitting down on the ball.

Remember: don't try to help the ball up in the air with a fairway wood. Hit down on it, like you're swinging an iron, and the sweeping part of the swing will take care of itself.

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