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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tim Burke Gets His 2nd Title in 3 Years

All he needed in the finals was 394 yards, that's all.

Yeah, that sounds like a lot to us mere mortals. But Tim Burke, 2013 World Long Drive champion, had smacked it over 400 yards in each of the previous two rounds... and he pretty much needed it both times.

Tim Burke on the deck

The big shocker of the night was when Jamie Sadlowski missed the grid with ALL of his shots in the Round of Four. The competition had taken a turn when the wind picked up during the Round of Eight, quartering into the players from the left, but Jamie had successfully negotiated it to take out Jeff Crittenden.

Then the 10th seed, Jeremy Easterly, who had quietly upset each match with consistent if less than impressive drives -- if you can call 380-yard drives "less than impressive" -- posted a drive and Jamie simply lost his rhythm. Whether it was the wind, the clock, or just wanting it too much, Jamie failed to put even one ball in the grid and was eliminated.

That brought the match down to former champ Tim Burke and first-timer Jeremy Easterly.

You can find the video of the final between Easterly and Burke at this link if you missed the actual competition and the video didn't embed properly above this paragraph. It's an amazing shot.

I'm sure Tim Burke will be watching it over and over and over. After all, he's the 2015 champion now as well.